Farm Insurance

Crop Hail Protection

Five minutes of hail can wipe out an entire year’s worth of income. The Crop Hail policy through our agency provides protection against loss to the crop from hail, in ADDITION to the coverage that is provided on your Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) policy. This policy supplements the coverage provided by an MPCI policy providing coverage on an acre basis. Unlike MPCI, you are not required to add Crop Hail on all your acres in a county, instead you can pick the farm/units in which you would like to add the additional protection.

We represent several companies that offer Crop Hail Insurance. All companies base prices per county, township and range, so for a quote, please contact our office with your legal description information. We will be able to quote with several companies and compare to find the best policy for your farming operation.

Crop Hail Highlights

• 2 hour binding or immediate binding (in some counties.) Immediate binding only available during Office Hours.

• Competitive Rates – Ability to quote different plans and companies to find the policy best suited for your operation.

• Continuous coverage till May or June of the following year (depends on policy.)

• Pick and choose farms to be insured.

• Cash Discounts available.

• Includes coverage for grains in transit and stored grains.

• Additional wind option on all policies.

• Variety of different plans to fit your needs.

• Includes Fire Department charges.

Crop Fire

MPCI covers your crop for fire if it was caused by a natural disaster like lightning. If your crop burns due to your combine catching on fire, or a car driving in the field, IT IS NOT COVERED. Fire Insurance is a very inexpensive way to protect your un-harvested crop and transit losses against the dangers of fire. Price estimate is around $0.30/$100. Contact us for details at 800.258.4408.

Assuring your way of life

PMC Advantage Insurance Services has been providing crop insurance for producers in Iowa and Minnesota since 1980. Providing the most up-to-date information and resources has always been our commitment. We are dedicated to helping our producers find the coverages and policies that make the most business sense for their unique operations. Crop insurance is constantly changing and our focus is to monitor these changes and how they affect our producers and their insurance needs. We maintain close relationships with industry experts, market analysts and growers which guarantees our ability to deliver the latest enhancements and improvements in the industry.

We know Farming and we know Crop Insurance

PMC Advantage Insurance Services has built our agency on the foundation of experience, knowledge and customer service. With many years in the crop insurance industry, as well as some of our insurance agents having crop producer backgrounds themselves, PMC Advantage understands farming and the daily challenges associated with your business.  We have the knowledge and experience to identify with producers and are qualified to help recommend the best coverages and policies for your operation. Customer service is our priority and our staff is dedicated to the agriculture industry and doing what it takes to meet your needs. PMC Advantage Insurance Services has a talented staff and industry experts to work side-by-side with you and assist you with your insurance needs.