Our History

PMC Advantage Insurance Services, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company.  PMC Advantage Insurance Services began as Druggists Insurance Agency in the 1930’s as an agency subsidiary of the company, then called Druggists Mutual Insurance Company.  The original purpose of the agency was to allow Druggists Mutual to offer products from other companies to their customers since the products they offered were somewhat limited.

In 1979, the agency began to market products and services to local customers.  The current location was built in 1985 and the agency now occupies all but the back quarter of the building.

While growing the agency through good working relationships with individual and business clients, the agency has also been growing through acquisition of other agencies.  This has come about due to pressures that the insurance carriers are placing upon small agencies to constantly sell more to maintain contracts.  We offer agencies an opportunity to become part of an organization that has the contracts, tools and support to offer their clients the best of everything without the risk and pressure placed upon them by outside companies.  This allows our representatives to offer the best solution for our clients and not a solution based upon sales pressure. 

PMC Advantage Insurance Services employs over 35 people in the local area.  While the local agency focus is on the local customers, PMC Advantage Insurance Services has two divisions of the company that spend their time focused on national accounts for Pharmacists Mutual.   PMC Advantage Insurance Services is currently licensed in 50 states and represents over 100 different insurance companies and brokers.

This national presence is one of our greatest strengths.  No other agency in North Central Iowa has the variety of coverages, the number of carriers or the most unique coverage at the right price.

The agency mission statement is the same as its parent, Pharmacists Mutual: “To help our customers attain peace of mind through specialized insurance solutions and superior personal service.”

This is accomplished with our friendly and knowledgeable office staff that are all licensed and have the ability to quote companies directly and bind coverage on the spot. 

The Agency Sales Representatives spend many hours keeping up on the fast paced changes in the insurance industry.  Whether you are talking about Commercial, Personal, Life Health, Disability, Farm, Long Term Care or any other specialty line, insurance is always changing.  It takes true professionals to keep up with the changes and make the proper recommendations.  While we see more internet ads, customers still need to understand what they are buying.  The role of the professional insurance agent is more important than ever.

Whatever your insurance needs, PMC Advantage Insurance Services can help. 

Contact us at one of the following:

E-mail: pro.advantage@phmic.com

Iowa: 800.258.4408

Nationally: 800.247.5930